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“The Science of Walking” through a researchers eye! User Study in the real world


Where do we look when we are walking? Scientists from Honda Research Institute Europe (HRI-EU) want to answer this question and carry out data recordings in the area of the railway station Obertshausen between Feb. 22, 2021 and Mar 31, 2021. The goal is to develop a better understanding of human walk and gaze behavior that will be used to improve robotic motion assist devices.

Fraunhofer IGD x HRI-EU

Research Collaboration on GPU-accelerated Cooperative Topology Optimization using RISTRA
Authors: Mariusz Bujny1, Tim Grasser2, Daniel Weber2, Markus Olhofer1, Stefan Menzel1
1Honda Research Institute Europe GmbH; 2Fraunhofer-Institut für Graphische Datenverarbeitung IGD

Honda Communication Assistance System using HRI-JP technology launched!


Technology exists to serve people! As this is Honda’s R&D philosophy, we are pleased to see the AI voice recognition system, developed by Honda Research Institute Japan, is used in the new Honda Communication Assistance System for a smooth inclusion of hearing impaired associates at the worksite.
Communication and fruitful discussions are essential for efficient research. But what happens if your colleague is hearing impaired and the exchange of ideas is difficult?

Join HRI-EU as a Patent Engineer New Technologies m/f/d


Vacancy is filled, thank you for taking interest in the posting.
Happy and healthy New Year to all of you! We are starting 2021 not only with ambitious goals, but by opening a great 2-year job opportunity as patent engineer for our research institute.

Thank you for 2020


Looking back, 2020 was challenging and eventful. A big THANK YOU to our HRI-EU team for staying together and rising beyond. Special thanks to our hard working IT team, giving amazing support. To our partners and the science community a thank you for fruitful collaborations, discussions and inspirations.

Congrats to our colleagues on the winner board of IEEE-CIS technical challenge


IEEE-CIS technical challenge winner board announced! Congrats to our colleagues Steffen Limmer for 2nd place, Nils Einecke and Sven Rebhan for 5th place.

“DigitalPakt Schule”


The digitization of society increased pace in times of Corona. But it is not just changing our daily work life – school environments are presented with it as well.
For HRI, the term “Human Centered” is not just a focus of our research on Cooperative Intelligence: it is our DNA and means a responsibility for society.

Scientific excellence in our research projects!


Congratulations to Anna Belardinelli and Stefan Fuchs for their Best Paper Award on “Gaze-based intention recognition for pick-and-place tasks in shared autonomy” at the AVHRC 2020 (Active Vision and perception in Human (-Robot) Collaboration, workshop at RO-MAN 2020)!

Keynote Speech at WCCI 2020 by Bernhard Sendhoff


During the WCCI on the 23rd of July 2020 Bernhard Sendhoff, Head of Global Operations Honda Research Institutes, gave an IEEE-CEC keynote speech. With the title “Cooperation – Experience – Creativity: Towards a new role of Optimization and AI in Engineering”, he shared his vision and our research efforts towards it.

ESA Collision Avoidance Challenge


Do you remember the ESA Collision Avoidance Challenge last year? HRI-EU made 1st place by applying a variety of machine learning methods and data engineering for predicting the collision risk between satellites and space debris in low earth orbit.