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Cooperative Storytelling – Social Robot Haru and Researchers create unique stories together


How to best show cooperative behavior if not in jointly creating something unique?

Congrats to the Digital Future Challenge winners!!!


This year’s Digital Future Challenge Finale ended Friday night with five amazing ideas showing great potential for corporate digital responsibility.

Cover page in journal “Algorithms”


Cover page in journal “Algorithms” for our cooperative optimization approach in mobility! Congrats to our scientists and collaboration partner, TU Wien, publishing their novel research and getting recognition from the scientific community.

Mentoring Hessen Mentees visit HRI-EU


After more than one year, today we were able to welcome our first visitors again – two Mentees of the Mentoring Hessen Program.
Taking precautionary measures, they were invited to visited their Mentors, Martina and Patricia, at our institute to get a glimpse into a career as a scientist.

„Shaping the digital future“


„Shaping the digital future“ is the motto of this years Digital Future Challenge DFC2021. The student competition is organized by Initiative D21 e. V. and Deloitte Deutschland-Stiftung.

HRI becomes Global Network Honda Research Institutes from April 1st, 2021


Tokyo, Offenbach, San José

Global Network Honda Research Institutes is the new organizational format in which our three advanced research institutions of Honda in Japan, Europe, and the United States will grow together and combine our research excellence. This will further strengthen the impact and increase the speed of our scientific and innovation activities.

Next Generation AI Researcher


Vacancy is filled, thank you for taking interest in the posting.
You are looking for a job in science that shapes the future? Knowledge representation and common sense reasoning are NOT foreign concepts to you? And you have novel ideas?

“The Science of Walking” through a researchers eye! User Study in the real world


Where do we look when we are walking? Scientists from Honda Research Institute Europe (HRI-EU) want to answer this question and carry out data recordings in the area of the railway station Obertshausen between Feb. 22, 2021 and Mar 31, 2021. The goal is to develop a better understanding of human walk and gaze behavior that will be used to improve robotic motion assist devices.

Fraunhofer IGD x HRI-EU

Research Collaboration on GPU-accelerated Cooperative Topology Optimization using RISTRA
Authors: Mariusz Bujny1, Tim Grasser2, Daniel Weber2, Markus Olhofer1, Stefan Menzel1
1Honda Research Institute Europe GmbH; 2Fraunhofer-Institut für Graphische Datenverarbeitung IGD

Honda Communication Assistance System using HRI-JP technology launched!


Technology exists to serve people! As this is Honda’s R&D philosophy, we are pleased to see the AI voice recognition system, developed by Honda Research Institute Japan, is used in the new Honda Communication Assistance System for a smooth inclusion of hearing impaired associates at the worksite.
Communication and fruitful discussions are essential for efficient research. But what happens if your colleague is hearing impaired and the exchange of ideas is difficult?