• Innovation
    through Science
  • Tobias
    Tobias / Principal Scientist
    "Hi, I am Tobias. As a Principal Scientist, I develop simulation tools and optimization algorithms to support the transition to an emissionfree mobility. My research tries to identify and overcome the challenges of future energy systems including e-mobility.“

    Recent Publication:
    T. Rodemann, “A Many-Objective Configuration Optimization for Building Energy Management”, 2018 IEEE WCCI, 2018.

  • Sneha Saha
    Sneha Saha / Scientist
    "Hi, I am Sneha. I am working in the EU Horizon2020 ECOLE project for my PhD in collabo-ration with the University of Birmingham. Working at HRI-EU, gives me the opportunity to learn from other researchers and to carry out research independently. My research interests include Deep Learning for learning based constraints and multicriteria optimization.“
  • Michael Gienger
    Michael Gienger / Chief Scientist
    "Hello, my name is Michael. I am a Chief Scientist, and I like robots that interact with humans. Working at the intersection of company and academic research is a fascinating and challenging mission for me."

    Recent Publication:
    M. Gienger, et al., “Human-Robot Cooperative Object Manipulation with Contact Changes.” 2018 IEEE IROS, 2018.

  • Moritz
    Moritz / PhD Student
    "Hello, I am Moritz, working towards my PhD on a cooperation project with TU Darmstadt. My research topic is about improving Human Robot Cooperation with the target to develop a causal understanding for the human to enable a more intuitive and human like interaction.“

    Recent Publication:
    M. Bühler and T. Weisswange, “Online inference of human belief for cooperative robots”, 2018 IEEE IROS, 2018.

  • David
    David / Student
    "Hi, I am David. I am a student from TU Darmstadt and work on improving the Relational Local Dynamic Map concept and map representation. During my studies at HRI-EU, I get to know the scientific day to day life and meet many great people!"

Our Partners

At HRI-EU we work together with Universities in Europe and beyond. We call it our HRI European Graduate Network. It is a vibrant, personal community of
current and former PhD and Master students, who have spent time at HRI-EU. 

Our Research


understand what might happen next


foresee the criticality of situation

Perception & Representation

understand the environment

Planning Structure

the next actions

Cooperative Behavior

achieve tasks together

System architecture

decompose a system


acquire new knowledge and skills


adapt to user expectations

Data analytics

discover patterns in big data

Machine ethics

be socially compliant

System optimization

enhance system capabilities

Decision Making 

evaluate alternatives

ideas lead to innovation

  • cooperation is about enhancing our capabilities
  • cooperation means sharing goals and intentions
  • cooperation is learning from each other
  • cooperation advances machine Intelligence
  • cooperation is multi-embodied
  • cooperation opens up new perspectives
  • cooperation ensures self-reliance
  • cooperation is about togetherness
  • cooperation is about sharing experiences
  • capability needs confidence & trust


This is about You and HRI-EU.
Are you interested in doing research with us as an academic or as a student? Looking for an internship that will open up new opportunities?
Are you an HRI-EU alumni and want to stay in touch? You have business ideas and want to talk to some experts?
You just like our friendly myHRI Cobot?

Intern at HRI-EU

Intern at HRI-EU

It’s hard to find a good internship. At HRI-EU we understand that learning from practice often means learning from failure. As an intern you will be fully embedded into our teams working in actual projects alongside our senior researchers, Master or PhD student.

Study at HRI-EU

Study at HRI-EU

Studying at HRI-EU is challenging. Whether you are a Master or PhD student you will be fully embedded into our teams working in actual projects alongside our senior researchers.
Together with our academic partners we co-supervise Master or PhD students.

Work at HRI-EU

Work at HRI-EU

HRI-EU is our people with their individuality and creativity, not more and not less. We are always interested in new ideas and challenging minds. We work in friendly, international and highly motivated teams respecting each other’s strength and weaknesses.

Please have a look at our current vacancies:
– Senior Software Engineer New Technologies

Meet us here

Meet us here

Our team travels a lot. We visit the most important conferences in our scientific fields and on most of them we give talks.
Find the next presentation and get in contact with us.