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Workshop on Learning and Mining with Industrial Data (LMID 2019)

Are you a researcher or practitioner in the field of Learning and Mining with Industrial Data?
Join us in a workshop at the ICDM 2019 to discuss challenges, emerging topics and recent advances! Submission deadline is August 7th, 2019

Together with our partners of the EU project ECOLE – NEC Laboratories Europe GmbH, Leiden University and University of Birmingham – Honda Research Institute Europe GmbH is co-organizing a workshop on Learning and Mining with Industrial Data (LMID 2019), to be held in conjunction with the IEEE International Conference on Data Mining (ICDM 2019) on November 8-11th 2019.

We encourage submissions on theory, methods, and applications on various aspects in industrial data analysis from industry and academia, to bring together experts with research and application perspective.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Mining graph and networked data
  • Time Series and Streaming Data Analysis
  • Learning with Heterogeneous and Multimodal Data
  • Scalability, Online Learning
  • Low-resource Machine Learning
  • Preference Learning and Opinion Mining
  • Anomaly Detection, Predictive Maintenance
  • Knowledge Graph and Knowledge Integration

Take a look at the ECOLE Project Website or contact us for further information and visit the Submission Site of the LMID Workshop.