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SpOC 3: Orbital Megastructures

„The year is 2287 and you wander through the tunnels of Lunar City…” – as soon as the Space mission was announced, our exploration team got space ready. Calculations on in-space self-assembly of megastructures for the population were run – and finally: Mission accomplished! Three months after mission launch, battling against space and our HRI scientists won the optimization race! Congrats to our HRI team of space structure assemblers winning 1st place in the SpOC 3.

A special thanks to the European Space Agency – ESA‘s Advanced Concepts Team (ACT) for this amazing sci-fi space scenario and the GECCO organizers. As in the previous years, our colleagues enjoyed participating.

Want to read more about the scenario and challenges of the SpOC 3?

Check out the website and stay tuned for next year’s edition of SpOC – will we see you there?