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Second Annual Workshop on “The Curious Minded Machine” (CMM) initiative at our sister institute HRI-US

Learning Machines? Empathic Machines? Curious Machines??
Take a look at our Honda Research Institute USA, Inc. colleagues’ Network of Excellence Research, investigating scientific questions on the way to realize Curious Minded Machines!

HRI-US organized the Second Annual Workshop on “The Curious Minded Machine” (CMM) initiative on October 3-4, 2019. In this workshop, scientists and students from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Washington, University of California Santa Cruz, and University of Pennsylvania presented state-of-the-art results on developing intelligent systems with a human-like sense of curiosity. The workshop series is a yearly culmination of the corresponding Honda Network of Excellence, which aims at creating machines that independently grow their own knowledge in an open-ended fashion.

Follow the link to the CMM initiative for more details.


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