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Multi-Objective Bi-level Optimization Approach for Network Design Problems

Sebastian Brulin, "Multi-Objective Bi-level Optimization Approach for Network Design Problems", MATSim User Meeting 2023, 2023.


This paper presents a novel study in the field of Network Design Problems (NDPs) with a particular focus on multi-stakeholder situations in city planning, addressing the complexities of balancing profit, fairness, and system efficiency. A new multi-objective bi-level optimization framework is proposed, which expands upon traditional NDP methodologies by incorporating dynamic demand and supply-side information. Our method moves beyond standard NDP approaches, integrating the dynamics of co-existing systems within the network design process. This holistic perspective becomes paramount in the planning and design of multi-modal transport systems, mitigating potential counterintuitive effects such as Braess’ Paradox. We present an application of our methodology on an Urban Air Mobility (UAM) vertiport placement problem, a quintessential multi-stakeholder NDP. This paper highlights the need for multi-objective optimization in multi-stakeholder situations, demonstrating the superiority of the activity-based approach over traditional heuristic coverage methods. The proposed method offers significant potential for designing integrated services within existing multi-modal transport networks.

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