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An Enactive Approach to Augmenting Situation Awareness

Matti Krüger, "An Enactive Approach to Augmenting Situation Awareness", TeaP 2022 - Conference of Experimental Psychologists, 2022.


Safe mobility in traffic environments heavily rely on an individual's ability to perceive, comprehend, and anticipate relevant information for collision avoidance. Collectively termed "situation awareness", the lack thereof continues to be a major contribution to accidents attributed to human errors. How can we design technology to mitigate this? This presentation begins by addressing the critical factors for awareness formation, particularly in terms of those that can benefit from machine assistance. We argue in favor of a class of human-machine interaction that is best labelled 'augmentation', so termed as it requires active user engagement, preserved awareness, and minimal interaction complexity. This implicitly places authority (and liability) on the human and not the machine. A basis for this is established by fundamental theories and established findings on human sensorimotor processes. Finally, we demonstrate how this approach can lead to prototypes for augmenting situation awareness in driving, with results from user studies.

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