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“The Science of Walking” through a researchers eye! User Study in the real world

Where do we look when we are walking? Scientists from Honda Research Institute Europe (HRI-EU) want to answer this question and carry out data recordings in the area of the railway station Obertshausen between Feb. 22, 2021 and Mar 31, 2021. The goal is to develop a better understanding of human walk and gaze behavior that will be used to improve robotic motion assist devices.

The test persons will wear motion sensors to track their motions as well as posture and, most prominently, eye tracking glasses, which monitor their eyes with a pair of built-in cameras to record what they see.

As a passerby, you may be filmed if you happen to be in the test person’s field of view. Please do not worry about your personal data: Faces and bodies of all passers-by will be blurred after the recording so that they cannot be identified. You can find all information on data protection in our data protection declaration. To comply with GDPR please find the following information in explanation of the user study data handling.

“HRI will inform passers-by of the video recording and provide data subjects with the necessary information pursuant to Art. 14 GDPR. It will do so by marking the test persons with a standardized icon of a surveilling camera and a (short) link to access all required information regarding the processing, e.g. identity of the controller, purpose, legal basis, rights of the data subjects. The test persons will be instructed to provide information if asked by passers-by.”

For further information please see the detailed explanation and contact information here.