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HRI European Graduate Network Symposium 2018

HRI-EU hosted the 6th HRI European Graduate Network Symposium with 38 scientific presentations and more than 100 participants.
The Honda Research Institute Europe has hosted the 6th HRI European Graduate Network Symposium on September 26 and 27 to foster scientific discussions and exchange about our joint university research activities in Europe and around the world.

For two days, PhD research approaches and results took center stage with 11 scientific talks and 26 posters. The invited talk by Prof. Dr. Max Muehlhauser from the TU Darmstadt with the title “Human Machine Cooperation” was concentrating on past, current, and future concepts for intuitive human interaction with intelligent devices and systems. In short group discussion sessions, the PhDs took the chance to discuss this and related topics further from different points of view and present their perspectives. Bringing together more than 100 participants, the symposium featured many lively scientific discussions along HRIs main research directions of cooperative intelligence, future robotics, and novel cooperative HMI devices.