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Honda Communication Assistance System using HRI-JP technology launched!

Technology exists to serve people! As this is Honda’s R&D philosophy, we are pleased to see the AI voice recognition system, developed by Honda Research Institute Japan, is used in the new Honda Communication Assistance System for a smooth inclusion of hearing impaired associates at the worksite.
Communication and fruitful discussions are essential for efficient research. But what happens if your colleague is hearing impaired and the exchange of ideas is difficult?

With the Honda Communication Assistance System, real-time communication with hearing impaired associates at the worksite is suddenly possible. Together with Honda Sun Co. Ltd. and Honda R&D Sun Co. Ltd, a system was developed which applies HRI-JP’s AI voice recognition technology. It translates the spoken word into written text in real time. The full-scale use at Honda group business sites began in September 2020 and has already facilitated improvements for Honda associates in their daily work.

Congrats to our colleagues at Japan for their achievement!
Take a look at the video here.
Link: http://www.jp.honda-ri.com/en/1826/index.html