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: Holistic and adaptivE Interface Design for human-technology Interactions
Period: 01.09.2022 – 31.08.2025

The HEIDI project aims to develop a fluid, cooperative HMI that holistically integrates internal and external sensing to create adaptive HMI solutions for drivers and other road users. This cooperative HMI effectively gathers and synchronizes driver’s data and data from other road users to i) understand the situation and ii) recommend safe joint actions to all stakeholders. The coordination logic conforms to the principle of Foresight Safety®, i.e., the human-like ability to anticipate hazards and proactively avoid dangerous situations. Heidi’s HMI solutions guarantee that all road users have the same understanding of the situation and ensure safe interaction between vehicles and vulnerable road users. Fluid internal and external interfaces coordinate information and joint-action recommendations addressing all user categories, while adapting to their respective states and conditions like, e.g., distracted drivers and older pedestrians.

HEIDI Consortium Members are Virtual Vehicle Research GmbH, Reutlingen University, Universidad de Alcalá, Marelli Automotive Lighting Reutlingen (Germany) GmbH, BMW AG, The Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute, Tree Technology S.A., NISYS GmbH, Honda Research Institute Europe GmbH