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EU Horizon2020 project VI-DAS successfully concluded

EU Horizon2020 project VI-DAS successfully concluded – Prototype showcasing RiskMaps technology from Honda Research Institute Europe GmbH!
The Vi-DAS project was set up three years ago in the EU Horizon2020 framework to address improved RoadSafety by deployment of driver assistance systems and navigation aids in a socially acceptable and personalized manner.

In October, the project concluded and successfully presented the innovative #Prototype technologies to the European Commission.

With industrial and research partners from 6 countries of the European Union, a vision-based lane change support giving optimal driving recommendations, has been integrated in a test vehicle. With a long #Research history in the fields of scene analysis and environment models, Honda Research Institute Europe GmbH could contribute their risk Prediction and local dynamic map concepts.
With VI-DAS being concluded, it lays the foundation for upcoming research at HRI surrounding autonomous cooperative agents.

Take a look at the project website www.vi-das.eu for more information.


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