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Enchanted Tools at HRI-EU for our 1st Innovation Event in 2024!

The Enchanted Tools team visited us with their robots and their team for an innovative exchange between researchers and innovators about challenges along the road to Hashtag#innovation.

Looking beyond the research world, Enchanted Tools took us with them into their world of prototyping and storytelling. Meeting the Mirokai started discussions about human robot interaction, artificial intelligence, business scenarios and potential collaboration topics amongst researchers. Between ideation but also critical questions, participants engaged in a lively exchange and joint problem solving.

Many thanks to the Enchanted Tools Team and our associates for making this an amazing event! We hope to see many more events like this one coming our way to get inspired, challenge ourselves and collaborate – maybe next time YOU will join us as invited guest?

If you are interested in becoming an invited guest, approach us. We are always looking for inspiring people, teams and technologies to ideate and collaborate with!