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HRI becomes Global Network Honda Research Institutes from April 1st, 2021

Tokyo, Offenbach, San José

Global Network Honda Research Institutes is the new organizational format in which our three advanced research institutions of Honda in Japan, Europe, and the United States will grow together and combine our research excellence. This will further strengthen the impact and increase the speed of our scientific and innovation activities.

Prof. Dr. Bernhard Sendhoff will become the Chief Executive Officer of the Global Network Honda Research Institutes and leader of the Executive Council formed by the three presidents of the regional institutes: Satoshi Shigemi (JP), Masahiko Izumi (US), and Andreas Richter (EU), and Dr. Jens Schmüdderich.
In order to fully utilize global capacities – following our philosophy of innovation through science – all global science projects and all global innovation projects will be led by the newly appointed Chief Science Officer, Mr. Shigemi and the newly appointed Chief Innovation Officer, Mr. Richter, respectively.

Altogether, we will leverage the synergies from the diversity that has been a unique and spirited characteristic since the start of the Honda Research Institutes.