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Rear Approach Warning

Innovation: Rear Approach Warning

Increasing the safety and the rider’s situational awareness is important for motorcycles.  Honda has been pioneering motorcycle safety from the first disc brake in 1969 up to the latest airbag and C-ABS systems. The main challenge is that rider support systems must be small and light-weight while coping with more vehicle dynamics like leaning. To improve rear visibility we developed a rear view system with a backward facing camera that warns the rider of approaching  vehicles. Rear Approach Warning uses computer vision algorithms developed at HRI-EU for the application in motorcycles. The patented method detects motion in images using optical flow calculations. The background and foreground are separated based on their relative motion. This allows the detection of any type of vehicle, independent of its size and shape even for a leaning motorcycle. The rider is informed of approaching vehicles using an indicator in the dashboard. The system works for high speeds and under adverse conditions such as night or rain.

Rear Approach Warning has been developed in cooperation with Honda R&D Europe (Deutschland) GmbH