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A Modularized Level Set Topology Optimization Methodology For Vibro-acoustic Problems

Andreas Neofytou, Jaeyub Hyun, Mariusz Bujny, Thiago Rios, Stefan Menzel, Hyunsun Kim, "A Modularized Level Set Topology Optimization Methodology For Vibro-acoustic Problems", AIAA SciTech Forum, 2023.


A modularized level set topology optimization methodology is used to solve vibro-acoustic topology optimization problems. The main objective is to minimize the sound pressure generated by vibrating structures at predefined locations within specified frequency ranges in an interior domain. The plug-and-play style architecture provides freedom to choose from a variety of software for the solution of the governing equations. Taking advantage of this, the opensource finite element package FEniCS is used in combintation with dolfin adjoint which can automatically compute sensitivities through the use of semi-symbolic differentiation. The examples presented in this extended abstract are 2D and more general 3D examples will be presented in the final manuscript. The results indicate the capability of the proposed methodology to minimize the acoustic pressure response within specified operating frequency ranges. Additionally, structural compliance can also be used as a constraint to control the capacity of the optimized structures to carry mechanical loads.

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