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Quantum Annealing for Industry Applications: Introduction and Review

Sheir Yarkoni, Elena Raponi, Thomas Bäck, Sebastian Schmitt, "Quantum Annealing for Industry Applications: Introduction and Review", Report on Progress in Physics, 2022.


Quantum annealing is a heuristic quantum optimization algorithm that can be used to solve combinatorial optimization problems. In recent years, advances in quantum technologies have enabled the development of small- and intermediate-scale quantum processors that implement the quantum annealing algorithm for programmable use. Specifically, quantum annealing processors produced by D-Wave Systems have been studied and tested extensively in both research and industrial settings across different disciplines. In this paper we provide a literature review of the theoretical motivations for quantum annealing as a heuristic quantum optimization algorithm, the software and hardware that is required to use such quantum processors, and the state-of-the-art applications and proofs-of-concepts that have been demonstrated using them. The goal of our review is to provide a centralized and condensed source regarding applications of quantum annealing technology. We identify the advantages, limitations, and potential of quantum annealing for both researchers and practitioners from various fields.

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