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OSU-Honda automobile hood dataset (CarHoods10k)

Satchit Ramnath, Jami Shah, Patricia Wollstadt, Mariusz Bujny, Stefan Menzel, Duane Detwiler, "OSU-Honda automobile hood dataset (CarHoods10k)", Dryad.org, 2022.


The CarHoods10k data set comprises a set of over 10,000 3D mesh geometries for variants of car hood frames, generated through an automated, industry-grade Computer Aided Design (CAD) workflow described in Ramnath (2019). The data set provides realistic designs that were validated by experts with respect to realism, manufacturability, variability, and performance. Variations in geometries were generated by a feature-based approach that varies parameter values describing design features on 109 parameterized base geometries ('skins'). Parameters describe feature patterns such as cut-outs or ribs on the hood frame as well as their properties, for example, rib location and height, or cut-out location. Geometries are represented as surface meshes (STL files) and are provided with the corresponding design parameter values and performance metrics from structural mechanics, generated through finite element analysis (FEA). The data set provides realistic and validated designs for the evaluation and development of methods such as optimization approaches or machine learning for metamodeling or performance prediction. CarHoods10k thus enables the evaluate of data-driven approaches for application in the automotive engineering design domain and others.

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