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Coordination of Home Appliances for Demand Response: An Improved Optimization Model and Approach

Steffen Limmer, Fernando Lezama, Joao Soares, Zita Vale, "Coordination of Home Appliances for Demand Response: An Improved Optimization Model and Approach", IEEE Access, vol. 9, pp. 146183-146194, 2021.


Home appliances constitute an interesting source of flexibility for demand responseprograms. However, their control and coordination are challenging, since typically a high number of suchappliances has to be aggregated in order to provide a sufficient amount of flexibility. Thus, an efficient andscalable control approach is required. In a previous work, metaheuristic methods were evaluated for solvinga control problem, which considers the regulation and time shifting of home appliances. The present paperpresents two extensions of this problem, which consider a higher degree of flexibility, and which increase thepractical relevance of the problem. Linear and quadratic formulations of the basic problem and its extensionsare provided, which allow the use of mathematical programming for their solution. In experiments, thescalability of the proposed mathematical programming approach is evaluated and the impact of the problemextensions on the resulting schedules is investigated. The results show that problem instances with up toseveral thousand appliances can efficiently be solved and that aggregators can benefit from the additional flexibility considered in the problem extensions.

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