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Analysis of the Generalized Intelligent Driver Model (GIDM) for uncontrolled intersections

Karsten Kreutz and Julian Eggert, "Analysis of the Generalized Intelligent Driver Model (GIDM) for uncontrolled intersections", IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Conference (ITSC) 2021, pp. 3223-3230, 2021.


In this paper, we propose and analyze a Generalized Intelligent Driver Model (GIDM) as an extension of the Intelligent Driver Model (IDM) for its applicability to model uncontrolled intersection scenarios. For this purpose, we extend the original longitudinal car-following IDM with several terms:(1) for anticipatory acceleration capabilities, we include the most nearby backward agent, (2) we consider cars on paths that will cross the own path by continuous virtual projection onto the ego vehicle path, and (3) we introduce a longitudinal shift that increases the anticipatory capabilities of the model.We analyze the model in extensive simulations of crossing cases measuring safety, comfort and utility. Compared to a baseline IDM, the result is a systematic improvement of the GIDM in all considered measures.

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