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V2B Vehicle to Building Charging Manager

Martin Stadie, Tobias Rodemann, Andre Burger, Florian Jomrich, Steffen Limmer, Sven Rebhan, Hibiki Saeki, "V2B Vehicle to Building Charging Manager", EVTeC: 5th International Electric Vehicle Technology Conference 2021, 2021.


Due to a fast rise in the share of renewable energy with a corresponding destabilizing impact on the energy grid and a rapidly growing share of electric vehicles (EVs), the smart integration of electric mobility and facility energy management promises substantial social, ecologic, and economical benefits for drivers, facility and grid operators, and society in general. Vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technologies, which allow a bi-directional energy flow to and from the car, show an even greater potential. To investigate this potential in a company environment we have developed a smart charging manager that considers various objectives like peak load costs and users’ charging requests to optimally control a number of uni-directional and bi-directional charging stations. Based on a prediction of the building’s energy demand and Photo Voltaic (PV) production, an optimal charging plan is derived from a Mixed Integer Linear Programing approach. This work describes the main technical and algorithmic concepts and solution. We also present first results of some real-world tests in our facility

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