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Development Process for Production Ready Software based on R&D Projects

Martin Suesskraut and Jens Schmüdderich, "Development Process for Production Ready Software based on R&D Projects", HRI-EU, 2020.


The financial costs of software bugs do not require a motivation [51]. Especially in safety critical and cybersecurity critical systems the risk of failures and, hence, harm to people must be reduced to a negligible level. The standards for developing safety critical software and standards for cybersecurity critical software solve the problem of software bugs by requiring a structured software development process using state-of-the-art & proven-in-use software development approaches and techniques. The same solution also works for non-safety and non-cybersecurity critical software (called QM software development for quality managed software development). Because the earlier bugs are discovered, the lower the cost of fixing them [52]. This document presents a software development process for QM as well as safety & cybersecurity critical software. The process provides an interface for reusing artifacts from a research project that pre-dates the software development project.

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