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Engineering Data and Descriptors (ECOLE Deliverable 1.1)

Thiago Rios, Stefan Menzel, Bernhard Sendhoff, "Engineering Data and Descriptors (ECOLE Deliverable 1.1)", ECOLE Project Deliverables, 2020.


Our research in the ECOLE project aims at generating computational models for capturing the notion of experience, which is embedded on data collected over the course of sets of optimizations, and exploiting said experience in similar, yet more challenging, optimization tasks. This vision of experience follows the analogy of an engineer who also collects, abstracts and utilizes her/his professional experience built while working on different types of applications. In the Work Package 1 (WP1) of the ECOLE project, we focus on the research of experience-guided optimization in automotive product design, linking scientific questions to industrial problems and adding a practical perspective to the research tasks. In this report, which is the deliverable 1.1 of the ECOLE project, we present the methods and algorithms developed for the ECOLE project, in order to generate industrial-like data sets for research purposes and give more details to each data set.

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