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intelligent Traffic Flow Assist: Optimized Highway Driving Using Conditional Behavior Prediction

Thomas Weisswange, Sven Rebhan, Bram Bolder, Nico Steinhardt, Frank Joublin, Jens Schmüdderich, Christian Goerick, "intelligent Traffic Flow Assist: Optimized Highway Driving Using Conditional Behavior Prediction", IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Magazine, vol. in press, 2019.


Many conventional systems for driver assistance on highways decide for a desired vehicle motion based on static situation configurations only. Adaptive Cruise Control systems, for example, react to vehicles cutting-in from neighboring lanes only when these vehicles enter the ego-lane. Some more recent systems include prediction of future behaviors, but often neglect mutual influences between these and the best behavior for the ego vehicle. This paper introduces ``intelligent Traffic Flow Assist'', an assistance system that analyzes the current traffic situation, predicts candidate future behaviors conditioned on different options for the ego behavior, computes vehicle trajectories optimized for safety, comfort and utility for each of the possible futures, and selects the best option for vehicle control. We describe the system architecture and implementation on a prototype vehicle with close-to-production sensors and report on tests performed in different situations on proving ground and public highways.

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