HRI European Graduate Network

Partnership in Science

The HRI European Graduate Network is the home of all graduate students that are supported by the Honda Research Institute Europe and of all of our associates who want to pursue a Doctorate degree in addition to their work at our institute.
The HRI European Graduate Network shall foster the spirit of togetherness among all of „our“ students, further strengthen our advisory role and create a network which shall last beyond the time the students spend at our institute.

Nearly all of the students of the HRI European Graduate Network are supported by Partnership in Science projects.



Partnership in Science projects are conducted together with universities and research institutes and facilitate open discussions on the research challenges of the 21st century which cannot be addressed by a single institution.

  • HRI-EU joins its scientific expertise with academic partners to advance our understanding of intelligent systems for the benefit of our society.
  • HRI-EU contributes to scientific programmes and open source software development.
  • HRI-EU participates in the education of the next generation of researchers in the local and global community (joint PhD, Diploma and MSc programmes).
Selected university partners
Prof. Dr. H. Ritter
Bielefeld University
Prof. Dr. H. M. Groß
Neuroinformatics &
Cognitive Robotics
Ilmenau University of
Prof. Dr. X. Yao
School of Computer Science
University of
Prof. Dr. J. Adamy
Control Theory &
Robotics Group
Darmstadt University
of Technology
Numbers in 2012
  • 35 partnership in science projects in 4 countries
  • 3 guest scientists
  • 21 PhD students
  • 4 Msc students
  • 7 internships

We provide four lecture series: