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available literature for year 2009

title author category
Ego Noise Suppression of a Robot Using Template Subtraction Goekhan Ince, Kazuhiro Nakadai, Tobias Rodemann, Yuji Hasegawa, Hiroshi Tsujino, and Jun-ichi Imura Inproceedings
Emerged Coupling of Motor Control and Morphological Development in Evolution of Multi-Cellular Animats Lisa Schramm, Yaochu Jin, and Bernhard Sendhoff Inproceedings
Evolutionary multi-objective optimization of robustness and innovation in redundant genetic representations Yaochu Jin, Robin Gruna, Ingo Paenke, and Bernhard Sendhoff Inproceedings
Evolutionary Optimisation of an Exhaust Flow Element with Free Form Deformation Markus Olhofer, Thomas Bihrer, Stefan Menzel, Michael Fischer, and Bernhard Sendhoff Inproceedings
Evolvability and robustness of in silico evolution of gene regulatory dynamics Yaochu Jin, Yan Meng, and Bernhard Sendhoff Inproceedings
Experimental evaluation of approaches for long-term prediction of human movement trajectories Sven Hellbach, Julian Eggert, Edgar Koerner, and Horst-Michael Gross Article
Fast Detection of Arbitrary Planar Surfaces from Unreliable 3D Data Martin Heracles, Bram Bolder, and Christian Goerick Inproceedings
Feedback for developmental learning Anna Vollmer, Britta Wrede, and Jannik Fritsch Inproceedings
Feedback Interpretation based on Facial Expressions in Human-Robot Interaction Christian Lang, Marc Hanheide, Manja Lohse, Heiko Wersing, and Gerhard Sagerer Inproceedings
Filtering environmental sounds using basic audio cues in robot audition Tobias Rodemann, Frank Joublin, and Christian Goerick Inproceedings